Meeting minutes – 12/25/2010

Meeting Minutes

● We want to reorganize the youth and the young adults of our community; Jaferia
● Try to have some sort of community service/social event every month to bring our youth
back together

● Community service/religious events:

○ Islamic Book Club
■ Once a month
■ Read specific pages/chapters and then come together to discuss it
■ Try to work something out with Khatoons to have books available for us
and maybe provide discounts for students

○ Once a month discussion with an alim
■ suggest a topic to discuss with the scholar

○ Workshops for the younger youth to have older youth help with with problems
and issues they are facing in school/social life
■ tutoring program

■ study hall
○ More participation from the youth in Idara’s magazine
○ Marriage workshop
○ Documentary Night
○ Food drive
○ Sponsor one major event on either a shahadat or wiladat
○ Soup kitchen
○ Thursday night Dua-e-Kumail on college campuses
○ Clothing drive
○ Charity walk

● Social events
○ Taboo night
○ flag football tournament
○ Paintball
○ laser tag
○ ice skating
○ bowling


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