What are your Friday night plans? Here’s what we recommend


Jaferia Youth Weekly Friday Fun Night

Every Friday*
***Jaferia Youth is proud to announce a great new addition to our weekly Friday night programs!***
Video games (Playstation, Xbox)
Group games(taboo, mafia, charades etc)
Sports such as Basketball, Flag football, Soccer (weather permitting)
Weekly Schedule:
8:00 pm – Salaat(will change as salaat time becomes later)
8:20 pm – Dinner
8:50 pm – Session on Sahiffiya Sajjadiya by Sheikh Abdul Jaleel or other scholar
9:45 pm – Weekly Fun activities
11:30 pm – End
*This will take place every week unless there is a majlis/sad occasion to be commemorated. We strongly encourage youth of all ages to participate in this program.
For further questions please contact Brothers Mustafa Sabir (msabir4008@gmail.com), Akber Rizvi (akber786@gmail.com), or Hashmat Husain (hashmathusain@gmail.com) or
Sisters Umbreen Kazmi(umbreen.zahra@gmail.com), Komal Zehra (kz2@umbc.edu), or Mehak Shirazie (mehak.rizvi1@gmail.com)

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