Program for Muharram 1435 first 12 days (November 2013)

Idara-e-Jaferia Inc.

3140 Spencerville Road

Burtonsville MD 20866

Muharram 1435 first 12 days (November 2013)


Start Date


Ladies Majlis: Sister Nilam Bhukhari                     

Tuesday 5th, November

6:15 PM

(Old Hall)

English Majlis:  Br. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani                   

Tuesday 5th, November


7:30 PM

 (Men-New Hall)

(Ladies-Old Hall)

Urdu Majlis:                                  Moulana Syed Muntazar Abbas Naqvi


Monday 4th, November

8:45 PM

(Men – New Hall)

(Ladies – Old Hall)

Program for the Day of Ashoora

Ladies Majlis (Br. Ramzan Sabir & family)

                     8:00 to  9:30 AM


10:00 to  11:00 AM

English Majlis

11:05 to  12:00 PM


12:15 to  12:45 PM

Majlis-e-Pursa and Maatam (Urdu)


Majlis at Graveyard  (Maryland National Cemetery) (Br. Roashan Ali Ramakdawala)


Salaat ul Magribain (Idara-e-Jaferia)

5:15 PM

Majlis-e-Sham-e-Ghareeban (Urdu)



11th Muharram  Youm-e-Zainab A.S. ( Ladies Only) 6:15 PM
12th Muharram Majlis -e-Soyem  English                                                                                  7:15 PM
12th Muharram Majlis -e-Soyem  Urdu 8:45 PM
12th Muharram Majlis-e-Soyem Ladies 6:15 PM


Youm-e-Sakina –Ladies Majlis Saturday December 14th, 2013        

Please follow these general rules:

1.      Please carpool and cooperate with the volunteers.

2.      Illegally parked cars will be towed at owner’s expense.

3.      Please ensure that your child stays with you at all times during the program.

4.      No waiting in the parking lot or in the lobby while the Majlis is in session.

5.      Please refrain from bringing food or tea in the hall during the majlis.

6.      Sisters for recitation of Souz, Salaam & Noha in ladies Majlis contact Sist. Mumtaz Amir on (410) 313-9659.

7.      For tabarruk distribution and sponsoring Ladies Majlis first ten days please contact Sister Zakera Thawer (410) 707-1776 and Sister Shaista Rizvi (301) 379-6561.

8.      For reserving the ladies Majlis post Ashoora please contact Sister Zakera Thawer.

9.      Brothers for recitation of Souz, Salaam & Noha in men’s Majlis contact Br. Ali Abbas Abedi or Br. Syed Qayem Hussain (Mohsin) (301) 318-9571.

10.  For Tabbarruk distribution contact Br. Baqar Jafry (301) 760-9736, Br. Hasan Yousuf Zaidi on (202) 341-7242 or Br. Rafiq Lakhani on (443) 744-2902

11.  Please contact Sr. Zakera Thaver on (410) 707-1776 for Ashura Faqa Shikni donations

12.  Post Ashura ladies Majlis Hadiya – $100 without kitchen use and $200 with kitchen use.


For questions please contact Program Director Br Ali Abbas Abedi on (301) 346-2670, Br Adil Rizvi (240) 832-6397, Br. Baqar Jafry (301) 760-9736.


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